Adventure Leisure Pilgrimage Wild Life is solely owned and operated by Daksha Tours & Travels. We organize leisure tours, adventure tours, MICE and pilgrimage, adventure, trekking, river rafting, rock climbing skiing, camping, jeep safaris, wildlife tours covering the areas in the Himalayan range of India and Nepal. We have designed our mountain activities drawing from our accumulated travel experience of the Himalayan range. From the same pool of experience, we have also drawn up some short courses for skiing, rock climbing and paragliding for budding adventure enthusiasts. There is also information on leisure, pilgrimage and cultural tour packages that highlight how these mountains have touched the soul of those that passed by here, including ours.

In our many passes of these mountain ranges we consistently find its ever-changing landscape exhilarating, its high peaks, deep gorges, raging rivers, green and stark valleys. Beyond adventure, the old civilizations and religions founded here a long time ago have left their imprints in the way of life of the communities, their architecture and their temples housing sacred thangkas, statues and frescoes. The lower Himalayan range is also a pilgrimage and cultural tour destinations.

The site also contains very selective travel packages to Thailand and the Philippines, which could be ideal winter retreats with their beaches, gently rolling mountains, deep oceans. Thailand is one of the success tourism stories with its accessible tourist destinations complimented by friendly and service-oriented people. The Philippines is a diving paradise and a nascent tourism destination. The Chocolate Hills, the longest underground river in the world, 2000-year old rice terraces and diving in the Lonely Islands are some of the main attractions in Philippines.

Our Popular Activities
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